Janice and Ron

Please forgive me for not writing back sooner. Things have been hectic here as we are repainting the house, getting more furniture, new carpeting, new oven, etc.. It never ends. But we would not be able to do all this if you had not sold our house for us.

I wanted to thank you so very much for all you did for Ron and I. You have this special quality that allows you to be professional AND friendly at the same time. Believe it or not, those two traits/qualities are difficult to find in a person. Some folks are overly professional, almost too stuffy, and others act like your best friend. YOU have that PERFECT combination. And your willingness to go out of your way when we could not be in New Jersey was outstanding. You saved us in so many ways, Bob.

Please thank Hal for me. Those photos he took of the house, inside and out, were great, and I’m sure helped the sale immensely. Also, would you kindly thank Angela with the title company for her patience with my many questions and emails. She was a huge help to us as well.

I hope the buyers are happy in their new home. I did see on Facebook that they posted a picture of themselves standing in front of the house. It was nice to see that this young couple is moving into the place we called home for so long. I’m sure over the years, they will be making many changes and upgrades, as we did when we first moved to 308 Ipswich, and as we are doing now in North Carolina. We all have our work cut out for us.

By the way, FINALLY, the weather is to my liking. 50 degrees at 5am and 70 by noon. Nice and cool. Love it. Can’t wait for summer again.

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